Despite how intelligent and interesting you are, you can’t expect others to give you the time of day if you don’t put any effort in how you look. Within seconds, people have already made up their mind if they’re going to like you or not. Whether it’s a cute girl you’ve been eyeing, a potential employer, or a business opportunity, you only get one shot to present yourself and give a great first impression. You also have a very small window of opportunity to do that.

Magnetic Style

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Whatever the media portrays to be “popular” doesn’t always work for everyone. Just because the majority of people are wearing it, doesn’t mean you should too. Like it or not, your image plays a huge role in how you treat others and how others treat you. Whether it’s a date you want to get, your dream job or a business deal, the way you are perceived by people will dictate their attitude towards you.

When it comes to style, people fall into 3 groups:

3 Types Of Style


The “look-alikes” are people who don’t know how to express their uniqueness and individuality. They buy expensive clothing thinking that money is what other people perceive as valuable. They attract superficial and externally validated people. What they don’t understand is the attention they get is shallow and short-lived.


People that are “clueless” just have no idea what they’re doing in terms of style. They wear clothes that fit poorly. They have no clue how to put together a look that suits them. Their image hurts their interactions with other people because of the way they look. Their image says “I just don’t care,” and people treat them accordingly. Even though they’re cool and interesting, they never get a chance to convey that.


The “magnetic” people are the ones that get it. They’re efficient with their money because they know how to pick and choose articles of clothing that showcases who they really are. They get second glances wherever they go. They look confident and they’re given a lot more opportunities. They get the date, the promotion and they’re taken a lot more seriously in their daily interaction.

The Key To Magnetic Style

The key to style is nailing the fundamentals, which goes for everything you do in life.

Magnetic Style For Men

Allow me to be your personal shopper and I will:

  • Help you give the “first impression” that you want.
  • Identify a style that’s unique, noticeable and congruent to who you are.
  • Cover the difference between trends, timeless pieces and how to use both accordingly.
  • Show the fundamentals you need to be aware of to keep up with so you always look “up-to-date.”
  • Not tell you what to buy, but teach you how to shop for yourself to pick clothing articles conducive to attracting your ideal girl, meeting the right people you want in your life and creating better opportunities for yourself.
  • You’ll be more efficient with your time and money because you’ll have someone to show you how to “buy once and buy right.” Having a “been-there-done-it” person is the quickest way to cut your learning curve and see immediate success.

What Clients Say:

“Whenever I would be interacting with other people, I realized that they respected me more than they would have otherwise because I was able to portray myself as someone that took himself seriously. I also noticed girls checking me out a lot more just by simply changing the way I dressed. People seemed a lot more interested in genuinely getting to know me and who I was all because I did style consulting with Myke.

We went over the theory and at first, I felt a little uncomfortable trying on certain types of clothes that I didn’t think I’d ever wear. In less than an hour, after seeing the before and after pictures of myself, I was sold. With a fresh wardrobe that’s congruent to my personality, I felt ecstatic with more confidence within myself. It still amazes me how the smallest changes can make the biggest difference in how people perceive you.”

Alex Brown, Client.

Developing a good sense of style is the path of least resistance. The clothes you wear acts as a filter for the people you attract in your life. It should represent you and what you value instead of how much you can spend. It should complement your personality, not compensate for the lack of it.

Don’t Lose Anymore Opportunities

Do you really want to spend another hundred dollars on shirts with rhinestone and think it’s going to “get you the girls?” Do you really want to lose another job opportunity or business deal to someone who “looks” the part? Don’t spend any more of your hard-earned money on things that you don’t really need. For half the price of your favorite designer jeans, you can learn every step I use to put together an image that conducive to attracting the right people and creating more options that I want in my life.

Style isn’t something you could buy from a store. Attitude isn’t for sale.

What else are you waiting for? Let’s work together to find your personal style and get this part of your life handled.